Mr. Yancong Xie

My name is Yancong (Ray) XIE. I am a PhD student recently at School of Information Systems, Queensland University of Technology (QUT). I studied computer science and mathematics in my undergraduate school and my PhD research is in management information systems. My research interest includes simulation, theory development, trust, review utility, consumer satisfaction, level of analysis, data mining and mathematical modeling. With extensive both online and face-to-face teaching experiences in programming, database management, process modelling, system design, and business analysis, I am now seeking a university lecturer position in Information Systems.


August 2015 – 2020: Ph.D. Management Information Systems, School of Information Systems, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia;

September 2011 – July 2015: B.Sc. Mathematics, School of Information, Renmin University of China, Beijing, China;

Academic Awards

2015: Distinct Graduation Thesis, Renmin University of China, PRC;

2012, 2013: Outstanding Academic Performance Award, Renmin University of China, PRC;

2013: Meritorious Winner of Mathematical Contest in Modelling (MCM), USA;

2013: National First Prize of China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modelling (CUMCM), Beijing, PRC;

2013: First Prize of East-China Mathematical Contest in Modelling, Shanghai, PRC;

Professional Experiences

August 2019 – ongoing: Casual Lecturer· Torrens University (Brisbane Campus)

  • Lecturer, MIS501, “Principles of Programming”, (2020, TRI1);
  • Lecturer, MIS602, “Data Modelling and Database Design”, (2020, TRI1);
  • Lecturer, MIS605, “Systems Analysis and Design”, (2020, TRI1);
  • Lecturer, MIS102, “Data and Networking”, (2019, TRI3);
  • Lecturer, PRO100, “Information Systems Project Management Planning”, (2019, TRI3);

February 2019 – ongoing: Casual Lecturer · Queensland University of Technology

  • Tutor, IFN515, “Fundamentals of Business Process Management”, (2020, SEM1);
  • Tutor, IFB105, “Database management”, (2020, SEM1; 2019, SEM2);
  • Tutor, IAB201, “Modelling Information Systems”, (2020, SEM1; 2019, SEM2; 2019, SEM1);
  • Tutor, IAB230, “Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing”, (2020, SEM1; 2019, SEM1);
  • Lead tutor, IAB401, “Enterprise Architecture”, (2019, SEM2);
  • Guest lecturer (topic: “Advanced techniques of content analysis”), INN701, “Advanced Research Topics”, (2019, Sep; 2019, Mar);
  • Tutor, IFN701, “Master Level Project 1”, (2016-2018);
  • Guest lecturer (topic: “Content Analysis Basics”), INN701, “Advanced Research Topics”, (2017, Oct);

Master Project Supervisions:

  • Rhiannon McCubbin, “Understanding Online Review Bias for Online Marketplaces” (2018, SEM1);
  • Xin Wang, “Trust in Sharing Economy” (2017, SEM1);
  • Baijit Kaur, “IT Value Cocreation” (2016, SEM2);

December 2019 – ongoing: Unit Coordinator & Online Learning Advisor· Online Education Services

  • Unit Coordinator & Online Learning Advisor, IFQ551, “Computer Systems Fundamentals” (2020, TP1a);
  • Unit Coordinator & Online Learning Advisor, IFQ554, “Databases” (2020, TP1b);

June 2013 – June 2015: Business Analyst· Beijing ShengDeDaYe Management Consulting Co, Ltd. (北京盛德大业国际管理咨询有限公司)

Research Experiences

Jan 2017 – Present: Ph.D. project with Prof. Guy Gable, Queensland University of Technology.

  • This project aims to conceptualise review utility, which refers to the usefulness to which reviews of a product can usefully represent product quality for prospective consumers. This project also aims to theorise how review utility can be impaired. This project is expected to provide a firm theoretical foundation for future online review studies. I am in charge of this project.

Aug 2019 – Present: Research Investigator to Dr. Venkat Venkatachalam, Queensland University of Technology.

  • This project aims to conceptualise blockchain as a service from a multi-domain perspective. This project primarily contributes to the service science. It can facilitate future theoretical discussions on blockchain and instruct the applications of blockchain technology. My responsibilities have included: designing content analysis protocol, supervising the coding process, leading the conceptualisation discussions, co-drafting a journal paper, collecting data and analysing data.

Aug 2015 – Dec 2019: Research Assistant to Prof. Guy Gable, Queensland University of Technology.

  • The role provided research assistance for an ARC (Australian Research Council) funded project titled “Towards Engineering Research Systems: Systematic Modelling of Behavioural Scientific Research Methods”. This project proposes the modelling of behavioural science research methods in order to improve scientific and industrial research output. My responsibilities have included: liaising with team members on the research project, leading the research direction on modelling simulation method, co-presenting at two international conferences, programming and data analysis.

Jun 2017 – Dec 2017: Research Investigator to Prof. Guy Gable, Queensland University of Technology.

  • This project aims to design a protocol to train PhD students by exploring a synergy between research and teaching. This project reports a programme design for training PhD students, through involvement as supervisors of coursework Masters students’ research projects. My responsibilities have included: maintaining journal records, analysing data, drafting training protocols, supervising students, drafting conference paper, and presenting conference paper.

Jan 2017 – Oct 2017: Research Investigator to Dr. Meng Zhang, Queensland University of Technology.

  • This project aims to systematise the current understanding on level of analysis in the Information Systems discipline. This project also aims to provide a domain-specific conceptualization of level of analysis. My responsibilities have included: designing content analysis protocol, conducting coding, collecting and analysing data, and co-drafting a journal paper.

Aug 2015 – Dec 2016: Ph.D. project with Prof. Guy Gable, Queensland University of Technology.

  • This project aims to propose a systematic approach to validate simulation research, using case study method. This project is novel in adopting Cook & Campbell (1979) validity lens to model simulation validation from a behavioural science perspective. I am in charge of this project.

June 2014 – June 2015: Undergraduate project with Prof. Hongxun Jiang, Renmin University of China.

  • This project aims to use machine learning techniques, specifically text mining techniques, to predict the stock market. This project is innovative in combining large-scale numeric and textual data as the predictor. I am in charge of this project.

Professional Services

Reviewer, for journals and conferences, including:

  • Journal of Strategic Information Systems (JSIS);
  • Australasian Journal of Information Systems (AJIS);
  • The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems;
  • Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory (CMOT);
  • Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS);
  • Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS);

2018: Review Coordinator, International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). Responsible for liaising with stakeholders to ensure the preparation of the conference, testing the submission system, administering submission processes of 1900 papers, organizing weekly meetings, documenting evaluation reports, and analyzing data;

2017: Research Assistant for Doctoral Consortium Panels, International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), responsible for facilitating chair meetings, administering 100 participant profiles, liaising with stakeholders, and collaborating in research projects;

2015 – 2019: Project Admin for the Methods Foundations Group, School of Information Systems, QUT. Responsible for organizing meetings, documenting projects, liaising with stakeholders, administering project website, arranging travel and accommodations, and data analysis;

Research Areas & Technical Skills

Research Areas: Theory Development, Research Methodology, Simulation Experiment, Data Validation, Case Study, Data Analysis, Business Process Management, Project Management, Online Reviews, Digital Economy, UML, Enterprise Architecture, Mathematical Modelling;

Technical Skills: Microsoft Office Suite, Linux/Mac/Windows OS, Programming (Python, Java, C++, R, Matlab, PHP), Database (Mysql, SQLite, MongoDB), Machine Learning (Reinforcement learning);

Selected Publications

A comprehensive list of publications can be accessed:,_Yancong.html