Seminar on “Harnessing generativity For Value Creation with IT Platforms

Seminar on “Harnessing generativity For Value Creation with IT Platforms


Prof. Ruonan Sun


Professor Shirley Gregor

Friday 3rd of March 2017


Abstract: The value of information technology (IT) is realised through increasingly complex configurations of systems. The power of IT platforms is a significant part of new forms of value creation. However, integrative conceptualisation and theorising of IT platforms is in its infancy. Hence, the goals of this article are: (i) develop a new integrative “Essential IT Platform Model”; and (ii) show how this model can be used as a base to theorize value creation with IT platforms, particularly in relation to the concept of generativity. The new model includes five essential components: a technology core, standards, interoperability, add-ons, and governance. The platform model is seen as part of a larger platform ecosystem. Relevant literature is reviewed in relation to each component and yields insights into how each component is related to value generation, particularly in relation to the balance between “openness” and “”closure” for each component. Future studies should find the new model a useful base for further refinement and extension in theorising.

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