Group Outcome (2015)

Published Outcomes:

(Bandara, Furtmueller, Gorbacheva, Miskon, & Beekhuyzen, 2015; Gaffar, Deshpande, Bandara, & Mathiesen, 2015; Miskon, Bandara, & Fielt, 2015; Rabaa’i, Tate, & Gable, 2015; Tate, Evermann, & Gable, 2015; Tate, Furtmueller, Evermann, & Bandara, 2015)

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Miskon, S., Bandara, W., & Fielt, E. (2015). Applying the principles of interpretive field research: An example of an IS case study on Shared Services. Paper presented at the 4th International Conference on Research and Innovation in Information Systems (ICRIIS), Malacca, Malaysia.

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Pending Outcomes:

(Gable, Smyth, & Gable, pending decision)

Gable, G. G., Smyth, R., & Gable, A. S. (pending decision). The Role of the Doctoral Consortium: An Information Systems Signature Pedagogy? . Communications of the AIS.


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