Research Program

Method Foundations is a strategic and pragmatic research program that seeks insights into how to systematically study contemporary Information Systems (IS) phenomena in the digital age. It seeks to identify, explicate, and integrate past methodological thoughts, thereby building a foundation for exploring new methodological designs that align better with the changing needs of IS research. With a Design Science Research orientation, it views research methods as designed artefacts. Through continued refinement of research methods for contemporary IS phenomena, it strives to raise awareness of methodological design and to facilitate sustained efforts to improve research training, research support, and ultimately research practice.

Research Funding

Method Foundations research program is initiated through the funding received from an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project (DP150101022) titled, Systematic Modeling of Behavioral Scientific Research Methods. A brief summary of the project:

Social behavioral research plays a critical role in the prosperity of Australian society. The success of research hinges on research methods. This project aims to systemize behavioral research methods towards improved effectiveness. In doing so, this project produced systematic methodological guidelines for developing multilevel theory, employing simulation methods in theorizing, and conducting systematic literature review. The research output has been disseminated through paper and presentations, has been implemented by leading Australian and overseas universities, has resulted in more comprehensive research training and education systems, and has substantially benefited research students.